Two Hands Corn Dogs Opens New Location in Metro Detroit

Grab a Korean-style corn dog from the newest location in Macomb County.

Whether you’re looking for a “Spicy Dog” with Hot Cheetos dust, a “Potato Dog” with potato cubes on the outside or just an “American Classic Dog” with ketchup and mustard, Two Hands has you covered.

This widely popular Korean-style corn dog restaurant opened its Troy location back in April 2023 and people can’t seem to get enough! Finally, Macomb County residents will not have to travel very far to get their corn dogs.

Quick details about Two Hands Corn Dogs-Macomb

First, you’ll choose what corn dog you want. Next, you’ll choose your filling. You can also add a side like Kimchi seasoning fries, dirty fries, Elote corn on the cob or a slush to drink.

Menu highlights for families

Photo credit: Kari Zaffarano

Two Hands Corn Dog – It makes sense why this one is named after the restaurant because it’s probably our favorite on the menu. It has the restaurant’s signature seasoning and Ranch sauce.

Spicy Dog – This is one of the most popular items on the menu. It has spicy sauce and Hot Cheetos dust on it, making it super spicy.

Potato Dog – This is another one of the most popular items on the menu. It features potato cubes, dirty sauce and Hot Cheetos dust.

Classic Dog – It’s similar to the American Classic Dog, but can be topped with sugar so it’s sweet and savory.

American Classic Dog – It’s pretty much what you expect, a plain corn dog with only ketchup and mustard – just like at the State Fair.

Crispy Rice Dog – This corn dog has crispy rice puffs and sugar on the outside. The sugar is optional, but we love it added to it. 

Injeolmi Dog – A sweeter style corn dog that comes with sweet sauce and bean powder on it.

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