Umbrella Stencil Project Gives Your Rain Shield New Life

April showers bring May flowers. But the way our forecast has been so far in 2014, I think it's a safe bet they'll bring May showers, too! Does your child have an old umbrella that's looking a bit worse for the wear? Instead of tossing it, give it a quick makeover with some DIY stencils and craft paint.


  • Old umbrella
  • All-purpose craft paint
  • 1 foam paintbrush
  • 1 smaller detail paintbrush
  • Scrap cardstock, cut into squares
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Duct tape


  1. Have your kid pick a pattern and paint color. Simple shapes, like a raindrop, work best. For each design you choose, you'll want its own stencil.
  2. Draw your shape onto a cardstock-scrap square. Carefully cut it out and discard that part – so you're left with a stencil.
  3. Set your stencil onto one section of the umbrella. Position it a few times before painting! This helps you see where it best fits along the umbrella's curves. Once you find the flat connection between stencil and fabric, secure with duct tape on top and bottom – and either side, if necessary.
  4. Apply the first coat of paint with the foam brush. Paint the outside edges first and then the middle. Remove the stencil. Repeat for each design you want to add.
  5. With your smaller fine-tip paintbrush, outline and fill in the design you stenciled. This helps in case your stencil moved while painting. Let the first coat of paint dry and add a second and third coat to achieve your desired finish. Make sure to keep the umbrella open while drying.

Can you take this umbrella out in the rain? You bet. I used Martha Stewart's Craft Paints because it's waterproof (once dry, of course) and weather resistant. So get outside and jump those puddles in style!


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