Upcycle Holiday Cards into Notebooks, Gift Tags, More

I heard from several friends and family members this year that they received a lot of creative, fun holiday cards, and I couldn’t agree more. While family photo cards will be saved and added to memory books, other holiday cards can be given a second life in 2014. As you look at your selection of cards from this past holiday season, save some for new stationery, notes for a child’s lunch or even gift tags for next Christmas. Take a look at how I upcycled some of my cards that you can try, too.


  • Old holiday cards and calendars
  • Scissors, paper trimmer
  • Glue Dots
  • Cardstock
  • Pre-made cards
  • Decorating supplies of your choice


Take a look at your cards from this past holiday season. Look for cards that have designs that can be cut out or card fronts that can be repurposed into new greeting cards. Get creative in what you think you can re-use!
Trim down card fronts that can repurposed.
Cut out the small pictures and designs, too, with a sharp pair of scissors if the cardstock is especially thick.
Designs, like this Michigan cookie from Ann Arbor artist Alisa Bobzien, look great cut out and added to the front of a small notebook or notecard.
Backed with cardstock, add this to the front of the notebook or card with Glue Dots.
For designs that you like but are definitely meant for the holidays, back them with cardstock and turn them into gift tags for next year. A quick hole punch and addition of baker’s twine is all you need to have these tags ready to go.
Non-holiday-specific cards simply need to be removed from the original card and added to a new, plain card. Tip: Look for bulk card sets at your local craft store. They’re great to have on hand any time of year, especially if your children love to send and receive mail!
Do you have a 2013 calendar with great artwork? Recycle it! Many of the pages could work well as framed art for your child’s bedroom or other rooms in your home as is; cut down, they become great, decorative paper for your scrap stash for paper crafting.
This trimmed desk calendar works easily as a note card. Pair with your favorite color of cardstock and stock up on ready-to-mail stationery.
The desk calendar artwork is also handy for making lunchbox-sized notes for your children.
Write a note right on the back of the design or add a piece of line paper for a school theme.


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