Washi Tape Flowerpot Craft Project

At some point you probably decorated a flowerpot, mug, etc. as a gift for your parents. Remember these? The center popped out and a paper insert was inside for you to doodle on. These good-to-have-on-hand craft supplies are plentiful in the kids’ crafting aisle at most big crafting stores. However, water or moisture frequently seeps into the inner lining and damages your artwork. And the inserts are sometimes too generic. Not too worry. You can give a “color your own” flowerpot a modern makeover that’s not only cute, but waterproof, too.

After you make your own, be sure to share a photo of your flowerpot. Every photo we get is displayed right here in the Make It blog!


  • 1 “Color Your Own Flower Pot” and decorative insert (find these at Oriental Trading or a local craft store)
  • Rolls of washi tape, your choice in colors and patterns
  • Clear contact paper
  • 1 sheet cardstock
  • Pencil
  • Scissors


1. Start out by removing the insert from your flowerpot and trace onto a piece of cardstock.
2. Next, add washi tape within the template area you traced. Try making patterns, go random – whatever you’d like to do. It’s OK if your tape goes out of the lines; it will be trimmed in just a minute!
3. Following the lines you originally traced, cut out your insert. Smooth down any of the tape if it’s popped or bubbled up.
4. It’s time to laminate the insert. Cut a piece of contact paper that’s twice as wide as the insert itself. Carefully peel off the paper backing and place on a clean surface, sticky-side up. Place your insert, decorated-side up, toward one end of the contact paper, leaving enough room to trim around the insert. Fold the contact paper over and smooth together, essentially making a sandwich.

5. Cut out the insert, leaving about a quarter-inch contact border all the way around. Wrap the two ends toward one another and place inside the flowerpot. Add the inner pot in to finish the piece.

6. You don’t have put plants in your flowerpot. What other knickknacks might you keep in yours?


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