Winter Snow Globes Craft

Martha Stewart is known for her fun projects for crafters of all ages – and her Winter Wonderland Jars are a classic among fans. Easy to make on a snowy Saturday afternoon, these snow globes are a great way to recycle jars you have in your kitchen. You can add whatever decorations you like, but keep an eye open at your local craft and hobby store for sale-priced winter trinkets marked down from the holiday season.



  1. To begin, make sure your jar has been washed and dried thoroughly. I always test my jars to make sure that when the lid is on tight, no water leaks out. If it does, it's probably best to select another jar. (I found the HomeGoods in Troy carries a selection of cute, inexpensive jars in the kitchen section if you don't have any baby food jars at home.)
  2. Squeeze out a small amount of epoxy into the mixing container provided with the epoxy kit. (This is a job for the grown-up crafters!) Mix the epoxy per the manufacturer's directions and apply to the bottom of your selected decorations. Place the items on the inside of your jar's lid. Let the decor dry for 1-2 hours. (If your selections are heavier, it might be good to let the lid dry longer.)
  3. Next, fill the jar to the top with distilled water. Add two drops of glycerin and a generous amount of glitter to the water mixture. (The glycerin keeps the glitter from sinking too fast.) Optional: Have fun with different hues, too, by dropping in a bit of food coloring.
  4. Once the decorations have set to the lid and don't move when touched, turn the lid over and screw back onto the jar as tight as you can.
  5. Give your snow globe a good shake, and you're ready to admire your brand-new tiny wonderland.

Have you been working on a fun project at home or tried something you've seen here at Metro Parent? Send it to me, We may feature it in a future Make It blog!


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