Winter Watercolor Garland DIY Winter Craft

Let it snow! It may be the day after Christmas, but we have MANY weeks ahead of us of snow-filled activities as December starts to wind down and 2014 is on the horizon. If you find yourself a bit blue when putting away those holiday decorations, it's time for you and your children to make some winter-approved garland to hang on Jan. 1. Medium Pure White Snowflake Cards by Paper Source have endless crafting possibilities with each pack; this week, we're putting our favorite collection of watercolor paints to work with the cards and creating a frost-friendly strand of winter garland.



1. Start out by preparing your work surface. While this great tablet of watercolor paints from Crayola is washable, it's best to keep the mess to a minimum if you can. I love this larger offering from Crayola – look at all those colors!
2. From your package of snowflakes, set aside five to be painted and five to remain plain white.
3. Have your children paint the snowflakes with their favorite watercolor shades. We liked blues, grays and purples paired together for our strand. Not every snowflake is painted perfectly – and that's OK. In fact, it's preferred! Let the paint dry completely.
4. With your hole puncher (this small Martha Stewart punch is still a favorite for projects like this), punch out a dozen circles. These will be added to space out the garland.
5. To put the garland together, start by sewing a straight line across one of your circles. As you reach the end of the circle, feed a plain snowflake through the sewing machine. Once that has gone through, add a watercolor snowflake. Repeat this pattern until you've used all of your snowflakes.
6. If you don't want to sew the garland together, use a hole puncher and punch a hole in either side of your circles and snowflakes. Using a lightweight string, add your paper elements to the strand by threading them along the string for a no-sew method.


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