Xyron Sticker Maker, Mega Runner Adhesive: New Craft Review

When it comes to adhesives, Xyron is where it’s at. If your family loves paper crafting, it’s important to have a well-stocked selection of glues, tapes and stickers – so that the creativity doesn’t have to stop for a restock run to the store! Since the late 1990s, Xyron has been creating useful crafting products that appeal to creative professionals and parents alike. I’ve kept Xyron projects stocked in my craft room since first being exposed to them at Maker Faire a few years ago. I’ve been playing with two new Xyron products that you’ll want to try, too.

I’ve talked about how much I enjoy Xyron sticker makers here on Make It before; this special small sticker maker is a take on the popular Mini Sticker Maker that produces a 1.5-inch sticker. Xyron has a fleet of these contraptions, and I’m currently in love with their 3-inch Sticker Maker – a slightly larger version of the popular mini option that’s a bit easier for smaller hands to use on their own.
This larger spin works the same as the mini version. Insert a piece of paper into the back of the machine. Pull the sticker film forward to coat the paper, rip from the device and smooth the plastic onto your piece.
This larger Sticker Machine allows you and your child the ability to take small drawings or even a small Instagram print and turn it into a sticker. I ran recycled shape-punched letterpress calendar pages through my Sticker Maker, and it worked perfectly.
What else might larger stickers be useful for? Think about chore charts or a family scrapbook.
Does the Xyron Mega Runner look like an oversized packaging tape roller? It does to me, and that’s why I love it. The cushioned handle is easy to hold onto and control as you apply the roll adhesive to a craft project. Tape widths that can be used with the runner go from 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch.
This adhesive is super strong; again, I tested the runner on recycled letterpress calendar pages and, once applied, those two pieces weren’t going anywhere.
The Mega Runner would be great for creating school project reports on large piece of poster board. Adding borders to art journals? Done in minutes.

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