At-Home Activities for Your Energetic Toddlers

Keep the kids calm and happy with these 15 ideas.

When you’re stuck at home, there’s only so much your little ones can do on their own. Plan a few ideas in advance to keep them busy and engaged all day long. From sensory bins to bubbles, here are some fun at-home activities for babies and toddlers.

Set up an obstacle course

Child playing on an indoor obstacle course

Your toddlers can definitely get into some obstacle course fun. All you need are a few materials like painter’s tape, pillows and a basketball for the challenges. Plus, you can join in to get yourself moving.

Make a sensory bin

Collage of two sensory bin ideas

Sensory bins are a great, interactive way for kids to learn. Use simple items like shaving cream or pasta to have your kids explore their senses.

Read together


Reading with your child every day will help them grow into readers. Design their own reading nook like a play tent or a spot on the couch to get them excited for reading.

Blow bubbles

Kids playing with bubbles

If you want some fresh air, go outside and blow some bubbles. You can make it a game by counting how many bubbles are in the air. If you prefer to stay inside, let them sit and play with this pile of bubbles that you can clean up easily.

Play the floor is lava

Illustration of lava lamp lava

Toddlers love to use their imagination! Pretend “the floor is lava” and place sheets of construction paper across the floor as their only way to cross. You can get creative with the path as they jump away.

Make some noise

Do your kids love music? Make some noise with homemade musical instruments. You can work together to make your own shaker eggs or cardboard rattle drum. Once you’ve assembled your instruments, you’ll have a family band!

Cook together

Tween decorating a cake with her mom and grandma

Some families have great memories cooking together at home. All you need is a little patience for your toddler to help. One big tip is to measure all the ingredients in advance to save some time. Here are some hands-on recipes to start off with.

Practice yoga

For those who need a moment of relaxation, try family yoga. You can try yoga at home by following along to a YouTube video like Cosmic Kids Yoga. Your toddler will love to stretch it out.

Play hide and seek

Hide and seek is a classic. Get a little more creative and think of new ways to play the game. What about flashlight hide and seek, or hiding a few stuffed animals instead? You can even set up a scavenger hunt with clues.

Make art

Virtual Camps for Kids

Take out the art supplies and see what you can create. Pom poms are a cheap and fun art supply to stock up on. Kids love how colorful and fluffy they are. Here are some pom pom crafts to try like rainbow jewelry and pom pom monsters.

Have a dance party

If you’re feeling a little stir crazy at home, just dance it out. Music makes everyone happy. Jam to some toddler-approved tunes. You can even have a dance-off to see who has the best moves … the goofier, the better!

Play with stickers

Child coloring with a colored pencil

Stickers are an easy way to win over toddlers and it’s something they can do on their own. Find stickers with their favorite characters or colors. You can even splurge with some sticker books to really make their day.

Try a science experiment

Kids learn science outside the classroom

Learn all about science with these easy at-home experiments. The best part is that you can use household items for some these science projects. Our favorites for toddlers are walking water, fizzy colors and homemade ice cream.

Watch a movie, then try these activities

Photo 1 courtesy of Disney+, Photo 2 courtesy of Amazon

For families that love watching movies, your toddlers probably have a few favorites. Our Watch This, Do That series takes their favorite movies and turns them into screen-free activities.

Have quiet time

Yes, it might seem like impossible for some toddlers, but there are benefits to incorporate quiet time in their schedule. Set up a space in the house where they can sit alone with a craft or some of their toys.

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