Bath Toys for Kids of All Ages Sure to Make a Splash

Yeah, the goal is to get kids clean. But even the stealthiest of parents know that can be easier said than done. The solution: a bribe, of course! Or, if you prefer, a healthy (and, sometimes, direly necessary!) distraction. In that spirit, we scouted around for bath toys sure to get the dirty job of washing your rug rats executed more smoothly – and maybe, just maybe, even make it a somewhat fun affair. Check out six of our favorite finds, including some you can pick up at your local southeast Michigan independent toy store.

Bubble Fish by Ambi Toys

Three colorful fish float upright, gulping in water and leaving a trail of bubbles behind them. Safe for ages 6 months and older, these creatures have a variety of soft fins with different shapes, making them fun little texture explorations, too. Find them for $14.99 at Little Monsters in Lake Orion.

Rub A Dub Shaving in the Tub by Alex Toys

Real stubble is barely a twinkle in their eye, but boys can learn to shave just like dad with this spiffy kit. Comes complete with a mirror, brush, razor and 7-ounce can of foaming "shaving cream." For kids ages 3 and up. Runs $12.50 at Adventures in Toys in Birmingham.

Measure Up! Cups by Discovery Toys

This bright-colored set of 12 progressive cups is volumetrically correct and allows little ones to pour and compare. Get siblings in the suds? No prob: Older kids, meanwhile, can practice their math skills, getting a feel for volume, size, time and measurement. Created for ages 12 months through preschool, this set is $14.

Squishy Baff H2Goo

Kid a tougher sell? Blind 'em with – no, not soap – weird science! How weird? How 'bout turning that bath water into blue, green, pink or red gooey gel? That's what this drain-safe, no-stain, non-toxic stuff, which soaks up 400 times its weight, does. Just add the magic powder and, before draining, dissolver powder. Claims to leave skin softer, too! About $14.99.

Ultimate Spa & Perfumery Kit by Scientific Explorer

This unique set lets up to eight kids make bath oils, oatmeal soap, foaming bath and bath balms, along with "signature scents" using five natural aromatherapy oils. Best for ages 9 and up. Sells for $29.99 at the Doll Hospital & Toy Soldier Shop in Berkley.

Tugboat by Green Toys

This adorable tugboat, which can be used to pour both sand and water, is made from recycled milk bottles in the U.S.A. Designed for ages 6 months and up. You can pick up yours for $12.99 at Diane's Doll House in South Lyon.


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