Books to Add to Your Kid’s Back-to-School Bookshelf

These 5 recent titles help kids conquer their nerves, navigate the classroom like a pro and discover fun facts and stories to share with their new friends.

Ferocious Fluffity

Written by Erica S. Perl; Illustrations by Henry Cole

Mr. Drake got a cute fluffy hamster for his second grade classroom. But when the kids open her cage, she gets cranky– and chases the class to the library! Can they calm the critter and return peace their school? $16.95. Abrams Books for Young Readers. Ages 5-7.

School’s First Day of School

Written by Adam Rex; Illustrations by Christian Robinson

Think that you’re nervous about the new school year? Imagine how the school feels. Frederick Douglass Elementary is worried how the kids will like him, but soon realizes he’s not the only one with jitters. $17.99. Roaring Brook Press. Ages 4-8.

My Weird School Fast Facts: Sports

Written by Dan Gutman; Illustrations by Jim Paillot

This page-turner lets you in on some fun, interesting and strange factoids about all sorts of sports, including which sport was played on the moon, why MLB umps wear black underwear and more. $16.89. HarperCollins. Ages 6-10.

Surviving Middle School

By Luke Reynolds

Middle school is a difficult time, but this hilarious book, which is full of the real-life stories of teacher Luke Reynolds, can help kids navigate through and, dare we say, enjoy, these awkward years. $11.99. Aladdin/Beyond Words. Ages 10-14.

Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts

Written by Susan Cain with Gregory Mone and Erica Moroz; Illustrations by Grant Snider

Introverts can struggle with school, making friends and getting involved outside the classroom. In this teen/tween-geared book by the bestselling author of Quiet, kids share their stories about making their way in a very extroverted world. It’ll help parents and teachers, too. $17.99-$20.99. Dial Books. Ages 10-plus.


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