Boom Boom Cards Family Edition

Donating books to a local library. Leaving a thank-you note for the mail carrier. Telling your loved ones you care. These are all acts of kindness that families can fall into a habit of neglecting.

But now, parents and kids can get back into the habit of doing generous deeds with Boom Boom Cards. Think of it as a real-life version of "paying it forward." Each of the 26 cards connect to a website tracking system, which allows you to see how far your card has traveled (we’ll get to that in a minute).

Take the box apart and you’ll find an activity board; follow directions to set it up. You and your family are almost ready to play: Just log online and register your deck at

Then, follow these five steps.

1. Choose a card and do the kindness assignment.

2. Use the "command central" activity board to chart your family’s success and talk about your experience using discussion cards.

3. Go to the site and share your story – along with pictures and even video, if you choose.

4. Pass the card to someone else – another family member, pal, or even mail it to an out-of-the-area friend – so they can play. Urge them to pass it along when they’re done.

5. Watch your card travel by registering it with the code found at the top of each card.

These 26 acts of kindness range from sending a handmade card to a friend or family member who lives far away, to taking someone to a place they’ve never been before. They’re simple tasks, really. But so often, we forget to take the time to do them.

We received the Family Edition at the Metro Parent offices. This set includes the boldly illustrated cards, a sticky note pad, a command central activity board, "mission accomplished" stickers, discussion cards, cards for kids to create their own acts of kindness – and, of course, a sack to carry the cards around.

We love the idea behind the cards: Encouraging young people to give back to the community and pass kindness from person to person. These small acts could turn into a big deal!


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