Box Creations Toys for Kids

Rip open the wrapping paper, pull out a brand new remote-control car and set it aside to play with – the box. Huh? Yup. You’ve seen it happen. Give your kid a toy, and he’s just as likely to spend hours playing with the packaging.

Well, now you can blend both into one with souped-up Box Creations. These durable, recycled cardboard play huts are eco-friendly, perfect for kids ages 3 and up, and have a price tag of $39.99. But you’re definitely getting more than your standard corrugated deal here – and for a sliver of what it’ll cost you for a similar "permanent" play structure. (And we’re pretty sure you’ll be cool with the kids scribbling Sharpies on these – unlike that snazzy wooden play system in the backyard!)

How do Box Creations stack up? For one thing, these contraptions are large enough to fit two to three people. And cute cut-away features, from windows to turrets to portholes, give a realistic edge to this collection, whose designs include a country cottage playhouse, pirate ship, medieval castle, princess carriage and space shuttle. Each also includes "pre-printed" details, like shingles and wheel spokes on white cardboard.

Whether or not your child draws "in the lines," though, is totally up to him or her! Every playhouse comes with four non-toxic washable markers, allowing kids to add creative designs and blasts of color. Toss in your family’s own stash of crayons, colored pencils, stickers and other crafty utensils for even more options.

Use your finished Box Creations indoors or outdoors (weather-permitting, of course); its makers, based in nearby Olmsted Falls, Ohio, assure parents that their kits are "built for serious play." We love the classic open-ended "pretend" activities they encourage, too. Gotta store ’em? Easy enough: The play places disassemble, too.

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