Boxy Momma Company Subscription Box by Waterford Mom

One Waterford mom realized that moms everywhere could use a pick-me-up but that there wasn't a service to do it, so she started the Boxy Momma Company to fill the gap.

Mom’s a badass. She cooks, she cleans, she changes poopy diapers and she does it all without a “thank you.”

Now you can remind her that she’s still got it – or, for the moms, treat yourself to something just for you – with a subscription to The Boxy Momma Company.

Sarah Cunningham, a stay-at-home mom of three boys from Waterford, started this “mom box” subscription service in June. After battling postpartum depression and anxiety, she realized moms could use a pick-me-up but there wasn’t much geared toward them.

“Moms can kind of get lost in motherhood,” Cunningham explains. “I want to remind them that they are important and that they are doing a great job. … I (also) thought this would be a great way to remind moms that there’s someone else out there who gets it.”

The boxes, which can be ordered monthly or one at a time, are themed and feature five to seven household items, jewelry pieces, beauty products or other fun and funny trinkets focused on mom.

A relaxation-themed box was featured in August followed by a back-to-school theme in September. This month’s box is “Fab’n This Fall.”

“Every month, mom can expect something different,” she says.

Cunningham also offers the smaller Momma Mailer, which features two to four items, and she runs a Facebook group called “The Momma Spot” where moms can find a safe and supportive space to connect.

Each month, a portion of each box’s sale goes to support organizations that raise awareness of postpartum depression and mental illness.

“Everything I didn’t have for myself, I’m trying to create for other people in hopes that I’ll make friends along the way and pick moms up,” she adds.

Get your own box from The Boxy Momma Company for $39.99 a month or $45 per box with free shipping. The Momma Mailer is $19.99 a month plus $3 shipping.


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