Brain Food Putty Toy

Every kid loves to play with putty. Its squishy consistency, sculpting ability and fun colors make putty one of the coolest, most simple things to occupy your time. And with Brain Food, kids can have fun with this classic toy, all while learning and using their imagination.

Using this product, kids will stretch their imagination to sculpt a cornucopia of shapes and create something new and different. It’s a great way to exercise your child’s mind, and it won’t cost you a fortune, selling for just $9.95.

Made by Fat Brain Toys, this non-toxic creation comes in colors like "glow in the dark ganglia," "brain stem blue," "temporal lobe teal" and my personal favorite, "frontal lobe fuchsia."

I got the chance to play with Brian Food (well, I honestly found myself opening the tin multiple times throughout the day to play with it), and it brought me back to the days when I used to sit and play with putty for hours. It looks like Laffy Taffy and it stretches a couple of feet. It molds really easily, and my only complaint is that is forms bubbles at times, which make a popping noise.

Noise aside, this stretchy and smooth putty demonstrates how something so simple can be one of the best toys to give your child, and it will provide them with hours of sculpting, creating and fun. Have more than one child, but don’t want to buy two? No problem – with all that putty, there is definitely enough to share!

Purchase Brain Food online through Fat Brain Toys or Amazon. Now that’s a smart move.


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