Brush with Genius Paint and Play

Do you have Pablo Picasso or Claude Monet on your hands?

So maybe your 3-year-old kid’s drawing looks more like a science project than a work of art. But hey, these little drawings could be the start of something amazing – and yes, maybe you might have the next great artist in your home.

Well, we here at Metro Parent found an inventive way to spice up drawing – Colorforms Brush with Genius. It’s a paintbrush that infuses music and art in a way we’ve never seen!

A Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the mastermind behind the product, which debuted this year and retails for $14.99 at stores like Toys R Us, Kmart and Walmart.

It was made using a conductive technology, which uses the strip on the brush and the users finger – thus allowing your kiddie to create and control sounds as she slides her fingers across the stroke she made on the paper.

Since this technology is totally new, there is still a bit of mystery behind it – so we suggest trying it out for yourself!

Turn on the battery-operated brush and use plain water – or the watercolors that come in the package – to start painting.

What’s the music sound like? Take this example: Your kid draws a duck on the page. Once she’s done, she places her finger on one of the strokes, while leaving the paintbrush touching the picture – and it makes a "quack" sound!

As long as both the paintbrush and your finger are on the drawing, sounds will ensue. Noises can turn into melody when your child runs her finger along the drawing.

This spin on drawing has us intrigued, and we hope it leaves you feeling the same way!


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