ChuChi Plushie Night-Light

When I was a child, I was terrified of the dark. I spent countless nights asking Mommy to come snuggle with me because I couldn’t fall asleep. It must have been the fear of monsters under the bed – or one too many thoughts of Freddie Krueger coming to attack me when the sun went down.

Either way, back when I was a tyke, I wish I had this – the ChuChi Plushie Night-Light. It’s a glowing stuff animal – ingenious, if you ask me!

Lots of kids sleep with stuffed animals, so why not give them one that gently lights up the night? It’s soft, squeezable and your kid can take it anywhere. Who needs a nightlight when you’ve got this?

The soft light from ChuChi’s head helps guide your little one to the bathroom in the dark – while making sure to keep the “monsters” away. This will ease any fearful child’s mind.

In addition to its yellow facial glow, ChuChi has a radiating red heartbeat that changes its speed over time. It’s another light that shines throughout the night – keeping your child feeling safe and calm.

OK, here are the downfalls: It doesn’t have a face – so that’s a bit strange and could potentially freak out some kids. Plus, I’m a bit curious how you would wash it when you can’t remove the battery pack. If your kid has an accident in the middle of the night and ChuChi gets caught in the crossfire, the smell of defeat may linger!

Aside from this, though, we’d say this is a great investment for parents whose kid can’t seem to sleep through the night because he or she is overwhelmed with the fear what’s creeping around in the dark.

ChuChi isn’t sold locally in southeast Michigan, according to its website, but you can purchase it online at Uncommon Goods for $24.95. Check the Banana Design Lab site for more details and places to buy.


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