Clock and Time-Themed Stuff for Kids for Daylight Saving Time

Sunny, warm days are ahead of us! Well, maybe in a few months. But in preparation for the longer days, we set our clocks forward one hour in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, March 10, 2013, for Daylight Saving Time. In honor of the big weekend event (and to ease some of the pain of losing that precious hour of sleep!), Metro Parent’s got a roundup of some super cool clocks and time-related stuff to help you and your little ones keep track of the time.


LEGO Kids’ Make-N-Create Watch

No doubt your kid will look awesome sporting this LEGO Make-N-Create Watch – and he’ll have fun with it, too. It has interchangeable links in various different colors – plus it has notches for minutes, which are helpful for those new to telling time. Available at for about $20.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Shape Sorting Clock

If you’ve got a little one who likes puzzles and is learning numbers, shapes as well as time, this Wooden Shape Sorting Clock from Melissa & Doug is great. Kids can sort the shapes into their corresponding spots and move the labeled hour and minute hands, too. Buy it on Melissa & Doug’s website for around $15.


Disney Loves iHome Duel Alarm Clock Speaker System

Are the kids big fans of Disney’s Phineas & Ferb, want a way to play their music and wake up for school on time? Check out this Disney Loves iHome Duel Alarm Clock Speaker System – Phineas & Ferb, which is available at the Bed Bath & Beyond website for about $50.


Melting Clock by Think Geek

Leave it to the folks at Think Geek to come up with an actual “melting clock” – modeled off of Salvador Dali’s painting The Persistence of Memory. This clock is functional and great fun for art lovers. It can hang on the edge of a shelf or flat surface. It’s available at for about $15.


LEGO Time-Teacher Girl Minifigure Watch & Clock

Girls who like to build with LEGOs will love this Time-Teacher Girl Minifigure Watch & Clock. It comes with a LEGO clock and flashcards to help kids learn how to tell time – plus a pink and purple watch with a minifigure on it. This set is available on LEGO’s website for about $30.


MeowCoo Cat Cuckoo Clock by HeadsUp Design Company

Kick it old school with HeadsUp Design Company’s new twist on the classic cuckoo clock. A cute kitty with a bird pops out of the door on the hour. This colorful, battery-powered cuckoo clock has a light sensor so it won’t wake you in the night. Buy it on for about $50.


ALEX Toys Color a Cuckoo Clock Craft Kit

Get to crafting with this cuckoo clock coloring kit! It actually chirps every hour, and kids can color the clock with six different colors. And if the chirping gets too loud, you can turn off. Buy it at for around $20.


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