Cool Shoes and Footwear for Kids for Measure Your Feet Day

They support us with every step we take in life, literally. And, even though we don’t pay much attention to them – unless they strike a stray LEGO in the dark (ouch!) – they give us the opportunity to walk, run or stride into some of life’s greatest adventures. “They” are your feet. And Jan. 23 is the day to take some time to appreciate your much-neglected soles, because it’s Measure Your Feet Day! Check out Metro Parent’s roundup of awesome kicks and feet accessories to pamper your body’s organs of locomotion.


Customizable Vans Skate Shoes

Walking into a classroom only to find four other students with the same exact shoes as you can be a bummer. But, with customizable Vans footwear, kids can express their creative individuality by designing their own vintage kicks. Your little ones can choose the style, color and detailing of their skate shoes. Prices vary depending on style. Get started on creating your own pair!


Temporary Tattoos for Rubber-Tipped Shoes

No need to panic when your little one comes home sporting a new tattoo; these are temporary. Your kids can say goodbye to them doodling on their Chuck Taylors with Sharpie markers, because for $9.95 they can stylize ’em, instead, with these nifty temporary tattoo stickers. These shoe accessories give your child the opportunity to accentuate their favorite kicks without permanently ruining them.


TOMS Shoes

While we take the time to appreciate our own soles, it’s good to encourage our kids to give back to others, as well. TOMS shoes was founded in 2006 by American traveler Blake Mycoskie, who realized, while on a trip to Argentina, that many children could not afford proper footwear to protect their feet. In response, his company has committed that for every pair of shoes that you purchase, a pair will be sent to a child in need. Get new kicks while helping those who can’t afford proper footwear by getting your pair of TOMS for $38.


SKIDders No-Slip Socks

Are you tired of seeing your kids turn black and blue as they slip on the wood floors in your home? Give them the support – or, should I say, grip – they need to run and explore the house with SKIDders No-Slip Socks. These foot accessories come in multiple colors, for both boys and girls. And, they ensure that your little ones wiggly appendages will be kept warm – without causing them to take a tumble on slick surfaces. Prices vary depending on style.


Kiko Ashiato Animal Footprint Sandals

It may be a bit chilly to sport these kicks now, but summer is right around the corner! Bring out your child’s inner explorer with these innovative animal footprint sandals. Give your little ones the opportunity to learn about the animal kingdom in a hands-on – err, feet-on? – way. These funky kicks come in cat, gecko, owl, monkey and “zaurus” prints. Prices vary depending on size.


Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Shoes

Introduce your children to a new running experience by getting them a pair of Vibram FiveFingers Sprint Shoes. While these interesting-looking kicks do provide your feet with a barrier, they also allow all 52 bones in your feet to more-directly sense the surface that you’re walking or running on. These shoes are offered in two color combinations: blue/gray/black and pink/grey/green. For $55, you can give your little ones the opportunity to participate in this new wave, minimalist method of exercise.


Kawaii Kids Amber Cherry Delight Shoes

It is well known that shoes are, in fact, a girl’s best friend. And with summer around the corner, it’s time to start looking for footwear that’ll match the sundress your little gals have been waiting through the winter to wear. These cuties truly are the cherry on top of the sundae. They come in pink, navy and white and are sure to top off any outfit that’s either dressy or casual. For $45, get your pair of sweet, fashionable sandals.


EMU Croc Boots

Keeping your kids warm can also be fun! Let your little creatures zip through the cold snow in these crocodile-themed boots. Made completely by hand with the finest Australian suede and sheepskin, these winter shoes are sure to keep your children’s wiggly piggies toasty. And, because sheepskin “wicks away moisture,” you don’t have to worry about stinky feet rummaging through your home. For $89 (with free shipping), you can a pair of these unique winter boots.


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