Cool Umbrellas Kids Will Love

April showers bring May flowers. Or, here in southeast Michigan, an April heat squall could bring a May snow shower (banish the thought!). Whatever the weather, one thing’s certain: Your family is going to need an umbrella at some point this spring. While we can’t guarantee when, exactly, we can clue you in to six wicked keen styles sure to brighten even the grayest rainy day (or to protect you with flair in the case of a sun shower – you just never know).


Coloring Changing Umbrella

Turn that under-the-weather frown upside down – or into something else entirely with this nifty invention. These classic ‘brellas, which come in red and black, bear images of little rain clouds and raindrops printed in special ink. When dry, they’re plain white. But when they get wet, they reveal a rainbow of mood-lifting colors. Bring on the drizzle! $37.95.


Goggles Umbrella

Can’t bear to face a dreary day? Put on your yellow-tinted goggles! This clever creation, available on Uncommon Goods, features a scuba goggle-shaped cutaway that lets you peep the raindrops, safe ‘n dry. With its cheery bright tone and extra-long dome shape, it’s clear to see this happy contraption is an instant pick-me-up. $25.


Pirate Umbrella

Avast ye, landlubbers! Caught in a downpour so drastic ye feel like yer bein’ tossed around all seven seas? Take shelter with this swashbucklin’ umbrella. Its 3D details are truly a pirate’s delight, complete with a skull-and-crossbones flag popping up from an island scene (don’t miss the hidden treasure on the back!). Even the handle is designed to mimic a sword in this cool, kid sized creation by Kidorable. $13.50.


Bella Pagoda Umbrella

Add a Tim Burton-esque dash to your step as you stomp through the puddles with this bold, graphic marvel that begs to be twirled. Reminiscent of a circus tent, this dramatic canopy is made to last, with 16 metal ribs that keep it strong in even the gustiest of winds. It even features interchangeable handle colors with a clear crystal jewel at the end. Snazz to the max. $129.


Shark Umbrella

Dun-dun. Dun-dun. Dun-dun-dun-dun … seriously, just try not to channel the Jaws theme song with this brilliant umbrella by Isotoner Totes. Complete with a mouthful of pointy teeth and a crowning baby dorsal fin, this “Critter Animal Faces Umbrella” is sure to put a smile on your kid’s face – and everybody they pass by. $16.


Sky Umbrella

Banish those rainclouds instantly. Blue skies are smilin’ down on the owner of this nifty collapsible umbrella – quite literally, as the inside is lined with a serene skyscape dotted with puffy white clouds. It’s designed by Tibor Kalman and is a MoMA best seller. Bonus: It folds down to a small size, make it great for travel. $30.40.


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