Dinoland Play Center for Kids in Dearborn Heights

This indoor playground in Wayne County called Dinoland features images of plenty of prehistoric creatures and state-of-the-art ball pit cleaning.

Kids in Dearborn Heights have a new favorite place to beg parents to take them.

Dinoland, which opened in late 2019, features a giant playscape coated in poppy colors, fake leaves and dinosaur pictures.

“Our kids were in preschool when we starting thinking about this, and every kid is excited about dinosaurs: boys and girls both enjoy it, and big or small, people love dinosaurs,” the owners tell Metro Parent. “It’s educational, too – we have a big map of the world where dinosaurs lived.”

Lay of the ‘land’

The rock wall, multiple ball pits, foam ball shooters and racing slides make it a huge draw for kids, but the owners made sure to include things for parents as well.

If you’re trying to multitask a project for work while watching your little ones race down the slide, Dinoland has you covered.

All of the adult seating has a clear view into the play area and outlets to charge devices along with free Wifi – plus, the cafe offers a host of espresso drinks.

The cafe will offer food options, too. Kids can get smoothies, slices of pizza, frozen yogurt and more, but no candy or soda; the owners chose to stay away from overloading kids with sugar.

Hyper-clean ball pit

Dinoland also features a state-of-the-art cleaning system for the ball pit. A machine sucks up each ball individually and sanitizes it, allowing cleaners to sanitize the floor of the empty pit as well. The cleanliness factor is something that makes Dinoland stand out among local fun centers, says the owners.

“It’s been great a great response from the community, and everyone is happy to have something so local,” the owners say. “There’s been lots of excitement over the ball pit which is nice, and everyone loves the dinosaur theme.”

3 top features to check out

Here are a few attractions to explore during your family’s visit to Dinoland:

  1. Ball pits: The ball pits are the most popular part of the play park. There are two: one for older kids and a smaller one for young children.
  2. Foam ball shooters: Kids can load small foam balls into shooters and practice aiming at targets. Plus, it’s easy enough that even toddlers can play.
  3. Rock Wall: The rock wall is roughly 12 feet long by 8 feet tall and placed over a giant pit full of safe and squishy foam blocks. Kids can climb without a harness with no fear of falling.

Visit Dinoland

This play venue is located at 26450 Ford Road in Dearborn Heights. It’s open 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Saturday and 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday. Rates are $10/ages 2-plus, $5/12-23 months and free for adults and infants.


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