‘Dragon House’ for Sale in Michigan is Every Kid’s #HouseGoals

Michigan's 'Dragon House' offers some sweet amenities including a dragon tail and watch tower. Pack your bags and move to this amazing property for sale in the Saginaw area.

The term “belly of the beast” takes on a whole new meaning at one fantastical house currently up for sale in Michigan.

The home, located at 1017 Kennely Road in Thomas Township in Saginaw County, is listed for $849,900. It’s locally known as the “dragon house,” Joe Harris, the realtor who listed it, told MLive.com.

“This is the most unique home I’ve ever seen,” he says in the article.

So what makes it so special? Take a look – and be prepared to start packing your bags for a family move.

1. The dragon’s tail

Photo via Realtor.com

First things first, yes – the house is kind of shaped like a dragon. The “dragon’s tail” is actually the chimney.

2. Your own watch tower

Photo via Realtor.com

The home has a spiral staircase from the main floor that leads to a tower room that revolves 360 degrees. How many kids can say they have their own tower?

3. Lots of property

Photo via Realtor.com

From the top of that tower, you’ll get to keep watch over the 16.45-acre lot this home sits upon. That’s a lot of room to roam.

4. A grand entrance

Photo via Realtor.com

That’s a pretty grand entrance, right? It’ll be clear your dragon’s lair isn’t an amusement park with this “private residence” sign in place.

5. Toucan Sam

Photo via Realtor.com

Froot Loops lovers welcome.

6. Stairs galore

Photo via Realtor.com

Your kids will think this house is their own personal jungle gym with its nearly 5,000 square feet to explore and plenty of staircases.

7. Beautiful scenery

Photo via Realtor.com

Both outside and inside.

8. Great gazebo

Photo via Realtor.com

If you buy the “dragon house,” you can enjoy this four-season gazebo year-round.

9. So fancy

Photo via Realtor.com

With multiple living areas and three fireplaces, mom and dad can do lots of upscale entertaining in this home. Check out that chandelier!

10. Oh, and there’s a bridge

Photo via Realtor.com

Yep. With this house, you also get your own pond and an adorable covered bridge.

Ready to make an offer? Check out the full listing here and contact Joe Harris for details. Don’t forget to check out our tips on helping kids deal with moving anxiety before you make the leap.


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