Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Lotion and Other Mom Obsessions

In May 2019, five local moms reveal their top favorite products to calm, hydrate, organize and more.

Are you tired or dehydrated? Two local moms have cures for that. Read up on what Eucalyptus Spearmint body lotion can do to calm you at the end of a long day and which water bottle can make sure you get all the water you need.

And if you have an obsession of your own, tell us about it. If we feature it in an upcoming issue of Metro Parent, you could score $25.

Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Eucalyptus + Spearmint Body Lotion

For short, in my house, we call it “mom’s sleep medicine.” It is literally the only recurring, expected gift that my children buy me for Christmas. They are my dealers and they bring me a big enough supply to last all year.

A little dab will not do; a generous slather on my tired, weary feet every night is kinda mandatory at this point. Two years into this obsession and I don’t want an intervention … only more of this good stuff under the tree come December.

It’s $13.50 for a 6.5-ounce bottle at

– Tisha Hammond, reader and mom of five in Northville

Hidrate Spark Water Bottle

My days are so full. With dance classes, soccer games, deadlines and caring for my family, I don’t have the capacity to think about how much water I’ve had to drink. Thankfully, my Hidrate Spark water bottle does it for me.

With a Bluetooth-enabled sensor, the bottle monitors how much I drink and syncs with an app on my phone so I always know where I stand. The Hidrate Spark also helps keep me on track by glowing throughout the day to remind me to pick up the bottle and take a drink. It’s $45 on Amazon.

– Rebecca Thomas, freelance writer and mom of three in Harrison Township

What to Expect App

As a first-time working mom, I have endless questions and little time. That’s why the What To Expect app has been my go-to since the day I found out I was pregnant. It has everything I need to know in one digital location.

I’ve developed a camaraderie with other parents on the forums, and the expert advice pages have often saved me from many a panic attack. This parenting app is indispensable – and it’s free.

– Meaghan Smith, Metro Parent sales and distribution coordinator

Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars

Around my house, it’s track season. And once the kids start going to their three-hour-plus meets, I’m constantly searching for packable snacks – for them and me! Right now my go-to fave is Pure Organic Layered Fruit Bars that I buy in bulk at Costco.

They’re thicker than your standard, boring fruit leathers, and the fusion flavors like pineapple-passionfruit and strawberry-banana keep our family going. A 24-pack runs $14.50 on Amazon.

– Kristen J. Gough, Metro Parent editor-at-large

Kånken Rucksack by Fjällräven

What does the fox say? I’m not sure, but it’s adorable. The Swedish brand Fjällräven (meaning arctic fox in Swedish) is known for its high-quality outdoor gear and especially this boxy backpack, called the Kånken. First designed to address kids’ back issues resulting from heavy school bags, this durable rucksack is water-resistant, lightweight and roomy – plus, it comes in tons of fun colors. Perfect for school and summer vacations. Runs $70 at

– Jessica Schrader, Metro Parent editor-at-large


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