Gimme, Gimme!: Rollors Lawn Game

Lawn games have always been a hit at backyard BBQs, kids’ birthday parties and all the summer shindigs.

Want to add a new lawn game to your collection? Try Rollors, the game that combines skill and chance.

Sold at Meijer stores nationally or at (prices vary from around $26-$45), this outdoor game is perfect for any party, with simple rules.

U.S. military veteran Matt Butler came up with the game’s idea while he was serving in Iraq and Afghanistan – sketching the game pieces and creating the rules and business plans for the product during his downtime.

Made entirely of wood, the game kit includes three red and three blue Rollors – similar to hockey pucks – all with numbers painted on each side, along with one red and one blue goal, an instruction book and a measuring cord.

Here’s how you play:

  • Use the measuring cord to position the goals 25 feet apart. One team will be red and the other will be blue. Blue goes first.
  • The first blue player should stand behind the red goal and release the first Rollor (think bowling), and it must touch the ground within four feet of its release.
  • Red player repeats.
  • One player scores during each round, and that is the person whose Rollor lands closest to the goal. In order to figure out the points, the Rollor must either land flat down with the number showing, on its side or by hitting the goal itself.

Simple, right? And that’s the beauty of it. Sometimes the simplest games are the most fun. And not only is it easy – Rollors involve the whole family!


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