Gimme, Gimme! Tell Tale Game

With all the TV, video games and electronic devices out there, sometimes it seems that kids aren’t really being – well, kids. How often are they using their imagination?

Well, we found the perfect game to get their creative juices flowing: Tell Tale from the geniuses over at Blue Orange Games. This portable card game gives your kids the chance to make up their own stories using a variety of pictures cards, featuring everything from witches to gift boxes.

There are multiple ways to play depending on the number of people in the game, but here’s one example:

Deal four cards to each player. Place your cards in front of you (no peeking, please!). Flip your first card over and start improvising based on the picture of the card you were dealt. Then the next person flips over his or her card and keeps the story going – depending on picture they have on their card.

Appropriate for ages 6 to adult, it’s truly fun for the entire family – not to mention, anywhere from three to eight can play. The game wraps in 20 minutes, and 60 cards keep the fun going. It retails for about $12.99.

Let the stories unfold!


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