Gimme, Gimme!: Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

Every bedroom needs a clock. How else would you know when to wake up (“internal clocks” aside)? But, dear parent, you live in an era when your phone is smart enough to let you update your Facebook page, find the latest movie times and photo-document your kid’s little league season.

So, that said: Say hello, please, to the Zazoo Kids Photo Clock. This time teller does all the nuts and bolts – with much more pizzazz.

For starters, it sports two pre-programmed image sets: Two for “asleep” and two for “awake,” featuring darling sun and moon graphics. It’s a cute touch, but it’s also a useful trick for early risers. If your child’s prone to waking up in the middle of the night, simply peeking at the clock lets her know she can slip back into slumber. When the alarm triggers – pop! – the photo changes. And, with the four total images, you can easily set a naptime alarm, too.

Presets make you yawn? You can easily personalize the clock by uploading pictures – one of your child awake, for example, and one of her sleeping. It’s a fun feature for your child that can tap a little creativity, too (how ’bout a konked-out kitty for night and rock-star shredding a guitar for morning?).

But that’s not all. Oh, gosh, no.

Zazoo lets kids to listen to MP3 music and audio books, too. Yep, mom and dad: In a pinch, this clock can even tell your kid a bedtime story. Or, upload some soothing music she can listen to before bed. A mini USB is included to assist you with downloading stuff into the clock’s memory.

And, last but not least: Zazoo also acts as a rotating digital photo frame. So while your child’s hanging out in her bedroom, she watch her favorite pix scroll by – not just cold digital numbers. How’s that for an eye-opener?

Currently, this tricked-out time teller is sold online for $89. Granted, it’s a bit steep. But considering it doubles as an MP3 and audio book player – plus all the fun customizable gadgets and gizmos – it could be a smart investment for your little bed bug.

Note: Each clock also comes with an AC adapter, remote control, USB and, of course, instruction manual.


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