Invisible Writer Keeps Kids' Secrets Safe

When I was growing up, I sought solace in writing. Anytime I had a big problem or needed to share a secret, I turned to my journal. Letting my feelings and experiences flow onto the page was such a crucial part of my adolescent years.

I think that we’ve all kept a journal or diary at some point in our lives. Whether we had a new crush or were experiencing changes we couldn’t explain to anyone, jotting down our thoughts was the most therapeutic thing we could do during that time of self-discovery.

Now that it’s summer, the time where self-discovery hits a peak, the Invisible Writer is the perfect gift for any young girl. Equipped with more than just a lock and key, this invisible writing system, sold for $9.95, allows your daughter to spill all her secrets – and prevents you (mom and dad) from reading it.

The diary comes with a lock and two keys, along with a two-in-one pen. One end of the pen is filled with black ink and the other contains invisible ink. At the tip of the pen is a battery-operated black light. If your daughter wants to hide her diary entries, she can use the invisible ink and then read her entries in the dark with the help of the black light.

I got the chance to give this product a test run and I ventured down to Metro Parent’s archive room, where I could hang out in complete darkness to read my practice scribbles. With one flash of the black light, my words appeared on the page, some brighter than others. I found that if I hadn’t pressed hard enough, some of the words would not show up.

In addition, if I did indeed press with all my might, the invisible markings were somewhat visible to the naked eye, depending on how I held the page. For the creatively sneaky moms and dads, simply running a pencil over the invisible print will decode your child’s message.

But overall, I’m still impressed with this item and the concept of using invisible ink to guard your deepest thoughts. It left me wondering, “Why didn’t I have one of these as a kid?”


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