Leap Day Toys and Fun Stuff for Kids

2012 is a Leap Year! It only comes around every four years, tucking an extra day into February. And although it’s not exactly a holiday, an extra 24 hours is nothing to sniff at for a busy parent.

To celebrate this special day, we’ve rounded up a few fun toys and games for your kiddos to leap, hop and bounce with – on Feb. 29 and beyond.

Make a Leap Day card. Get the how-to in the Make It blog!


A Hoppin’ Good Time

Kids help a gang of frogs “jump” onto lily pads by answering queries correctly in this entertaining and educational board game. Questions like “Name the animal that says ‘oink'” help young ones develop language and articulation skills, and parents can set up the 420 question cards so kids work on a specific developing sound (P, B, T, D, K, G or F). This $49.95 game is recommended for preschoolers and older.


Jump for Joy

Conquer winter restlessness with the brightly colored Super Skipper from Kidoozie. Plastic arms spin at three different heights and three different speeds for little jumpers. And all of the pieces are “break away,” so it’s safe for your brood. With upbeat music and oversize buttons perfect for tiny fingers, the $36.99 Super Skipper (a bit cheaper on Amazon) is sure to be a hit.


Bouncing off the Walls

No flashing lights or loud sounds for this classic toy. Get back to the basics with the Rubber Band Ball Kit, on sale for just $4.95. Recommended for ages 8 and up, the kit comes with a rubber “starter” ball and tons of colorful rubber bands. Practice color sequencing or wrap the bands at random – the ball bounces up to 40 feet even when wrapped!


Hop To It

Katy the Kangaroo doesn’t have a pocket like other mother kangaroos, and her son sometimes gets left behind because he can’t keep up with mom’s long leaps. So mama takes her joey on a journey to discover how other animals carry their babies. Illustrated by the creator of perennial favorite Curious George, H.A. Rey, this lesser-known gem of a book retails for $6.95. A matching 10-inch plush toy is available for $20.49.


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