Little Bento Box

Paper bags at lunch are so old school – not to mention eco-lame. Using them and tossing them day after day has come to and end. Let’s take a lesson from Japan and jazz up mealtime with a different kind of lunch box – bento!

In Japanese, “bento” is a single-portion or home-packed meal, traditionally consisting of rice, fish or meat and one or more cooked veggies. Typically, these boxes are rectangular with a few separate compartments. However, for children, they are also brightly colored and come in a variety of shapes, featuring trademarked cartoons, video game characters or other cool designs.

Bento boxes are not limited to kids – people of all ages use them – and, in recent years, they’ve made their way to the United States and southeast Michigan.

Now it’s your turn to toss those paper bags and give your kids the Japanese-inspired Little Bento Box. It’s a great addition to your home – even doubling as storage for some of your smaller supplies, like sewing items and office stuff.

With its strikingly simple and bright, versatile design, the cylinder-shaped Little Bento Box is crafted of durable melamine, with two layered sections that stack and latch together. A metal clasp and handle keeps everything secure and makes it easy for toting the box around.

It’s 5 inches tall – a good size for both kids and adults. In addition, the pieces are dishwasher safe. So wash and reuse as often as you like!

Beware, however; there are a couple of downfalls. You can’t microwave any of the pieces – and don’t expect leak-proof perfection from this particular bento. Aside from these two issues, though, we’d say this reusable lunch box or storage bin is a must-have for any child or parent.

In the long run, you’ll save money by not having to use brown paper bags, to boot. Plus, when your child outgrows his or her Little Bento Box, you’ll have another two-layer storage container for the house.

Click over to the to purchase the Little Bento Box for $24.


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