Made in the USA Toys – in Time for Independence Day

Do you know where your child’s toys were made – or what they’re made of, for that matter? Well, with the Fourth of July just around the bend, why not celebrate by buying some toys for your kids that are made right here in the ‘States?

At first glance, finding such a toy can seem like a rarity – or, if you buy conventional wisdom, pricier. While that can sometimes be true of U.S. products vs. imports, consider that you’re supporting companies (and the economy) here. And consider some of these toys we found around the web. You might be surprised by the deals from companies throughout the country – even in your backyard!


LifeStyle Dining Room and Pots & Pans Set

This dining toy by Step2 is great for your little ones to understand how mom and dad make the yummy foods that go into their tummies. The 22-piece set is a bargain at $15.99. And shipping won’t cost you an arm and leg at just 99 cents. Recommended for ages 2 and up.


Wooden Mower Push Toy

Toddlers can use this wooden mower push toy by Down to Earth Toys to learn to walk – or train their balance. As children grow, they might take to the lawn and attempt to “cut the grass” themselves. For $34.95, invest in a toy that will get your child moving. Designed for kids ages 1 and up.


Spooner Board

Get your kid ready for the slopes, pavement or waves with this board by Hearth Song that helps with coordination. There are two versions: Pro is ideal for kids 4 feet and up; Freestyle is for tykes shorter than 4 feet. At $44.98, save on future lessons for ages 3 and up.


Fairytale Cottage Dollhouse Kit

The dollhouse by Toys of USA is a classic for girls. Instead of a pre-decorated deal, tailor-make this wooden 20-inch tall house just for her. Paint the walls and furniture to reflect your style. Assembly is required – but a great way to sneak in family bonding, right? Recommended for ages 7 and up; retails for $59.99.


Stacking Sandwich Game

Designed with special needs children in mind, this game by Melissa & Doug can improve your kid’s memory, balance, matching and teamwork skills. With 10 sets of games, the 14 fun layers of this delicious-looking “sandwich” may make them hungry for a real one! On sale for $23.91, ages 3 and up can enjoy playing with this food – for thought.


Uncle Goose Spanish ABC Blocks

Made in Michigan and from Michigan basewood, these beautiful blocks by Uncle Goose come in 16 languages, including Arabic, Hebrew and Chinese. With 30 blocks featuring letters, numbers and animal pictures, for kids, learning a new language may become second nature. Retails for $37; designed for children ages 2 and up.


Green Toys Stacking Cups

Take stacking to another level for infants six months and up with this set by Green Toys. Made from 100-percent recycled plastic milk containers, these cups are designed for enjoyment and education. Teach infants about math while filling cups in the tub. At $10.99, these cups are truly “green” – no BPA, PVC or phthalates – and dishwasher safe, to boot.


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