Made in the Mitten in Royal Oak

A Berkley mom opened this artisan marketplace. Here's what you'll find at this local spot.

Berkley mom Colleen McClue is a dyed-in-the-wool Michigander. And she’s now sharing her Great Lakes State passion with her new artisan marketplace.

Made in the Mitten, which recently popped up in Royal Oak, features 40 vendors. Each sells items that are either Michigan-themed or crafted in the state.

“I have been selling Michigan-made products for more than 10 years on my own,” McClue says, “and I had a big awareness of just how many amazing artists and crafters were out there, especially after meeting a lot of them at craft shows I had booths at myself.” That inspired her when she started brainstorming a retail store.

“The idea seemed so simple. A craft show, but all month long – and for the price of one, too,” she says. “I set out not to make a high-end gift shop.”

That’s just what you’ll find, from greeting cards and glasses to dog bandanas and candles, plus grub by Faygo, Better Made and Great Lakes Raw Michigan Honey, alongside local-flavored coasters, wall art, cutting boards, bottle openers and more.

You also might spot the proprietress’ little one, Lily Nalu.

“My daughter is 2 1/2,” McClue says. “So right now, her ‘helping’ at the store is running to the front to greet customers and then telling them to ‘sit!’ at the kids coloring station in the store.”

Each artist and business has their own space and picture describing what they do. Even the teal-toned motif is geared at creating a “relaxed and not rushed” vibe.

“I wanted to make a shop that people could actually afford to go Christmas shopping at and get all of their gifts,” McClue says.

Made in the Mitten

  • Address: 706 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak
  • Hours: Noon-7 p.m. Tueday-Thursday, noon-8 p.m. Friday-Saturday, closed Monday-Sunday


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