Manhattan Eleven Delivers Kids’ Clothing to Your Door

Manhattan Eleven is an on-demand clothing service that delivers kids' clothing to families in Macomb County. Learn about the mother-daughter duo behind the endeavor.

A new traveling clothing company is coming to Macomb County. The store, Manhattan Eleven, is the brainchild of a 7-year-old with the help of her mom, Karlin Traylor. 

“It’s her way to help people who are very busy or who lack,” says Traylor about her daughter, Jordan’s idea. Or, as Jordan told her mom, “Let’s take the things people will need to them.”

The unique thing about this shop is that it brings the clothes directly to the customer. “We pull up and let them shop,” Traylor says.

The store offers brand new boys and girls clothing in sizes infant to 12.

It will include dresses for special occasions, bows and tights. “We want little girls to learn how to feel like a pretty young lady,” Traylor says.

The boys will find dress pants and shirts, shorts, T-shirts, jeans and two-piece sets, suspenders and boy’s ties.

“We focused on clothing that is full of colors and allows you to see the ‘kid’ within the clothing versus a miniature adult,” she says.

With the pandemic, the company may add more items such as masks, laundry soap, hygienic items and more, Traylor says.

“My goal was to have something for my daughter to have so she could learn as a young woman to have a business mind,” Traylor says, adding she wants all of her children to have some sort of business before they leave home.

“I start them off at an early age so that when they are older, they will understand how to operate with experience and confidence, she says. “This is not about success; it’s framing the mind that they can do anything.”

Traylor is a local business owner in Mount Clemens, co-owning Jelly Moon Learners Preschool and Slaw Dogz with her husband, Kevin. 

The company name, Manhattan Eleven, was inspired by Jordan’s family size, she says. “Man-had 11 children; Jordan has 10 brothers and sisters, making a total of 11.”

Mother and daughter have selected the clothes, come up with the colors for the logo (her baby shower colors) and designed the bus. Her dad and uncle will do most of the driving to homes.

It has really brought this mother-daughter duo closer together.

“I’ve gained so much wisdom from my daughter during these moments,” she says. “Her loving heart and the way she is able to express her joy allows me to see how important it is as a mother to support your children, and just how being present can make a big impression.”


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