Melissa & Doug Daily Calendar and More Local Obsessions

Three local moms – and two Metro Parent staff members – share their current obsessions including the Melissa & Doug daily calendar, a recipe app and more.

Looking to help your child get his or her day a bit more organized? The Melissa & Doug daily calendar can help with that. Learn why one local mom thinks so highly of this product – plus, get details on a gel-bead compress, top-of-the-line toddler socks, some delicious eats and a recipe app.

And if you have an obsession of your own, tell us about it. We could feature it in an upcoming issue of Metro Parent and send you $25.

My First Daily Calendar by Melissa & Doug

This calendar, geared towards ages 3-7, details that day’s date, corresponding season and holiday, weather, and the child’s mood and events for that day. My family uses it daily. At night I prepare the calendar with the next day’s date and events, and in the morning it is the first thing we discuss as soon as my daughters wake up. It has facilitated discussions about weather formation and clouds as I have them look outside the window to check that morning’s weather; from there we decide on what clothes and shoes to wear that day. It’s a great way for young children to learn the days of the week in consecutive order. The bottom portion is also a magnetic white board that we use to hang artwork. This calendar is $15.69 on Amazon, and it’s a staple for any preschool parent.

– Rana Makki, Dearborn Heights mom of daughters

Up&Up Penguin Gel-Bead Compress

Our penguin ice gel-bead compress by Up & Up fixes EVERYTHING. From small bumps to bit tongues, offering our small go-to ice pack nips the meltdown in the bud. It’s freezable and microwavable for cold or hot relief, and only $3.99 at Target.

– Katie Hill, Farmington Hills mom of two daughters

Bombas Toddler Socks

Sick of your kids’ socks falling off or bulging up in their shoes? I was recently introduced to the best toddler sock ever. My new obsession is Bombas! Not only does the company make fantastic socks, but it’s buy one, give one – so every pair of socks purchased results in a pair being donated. After the one pair we received as a gift I was hooked and purchased the toddler full set for my son because they are truly the best socks for kids! They are now my go-to gift so I can feel good about giving a high-quality present while also supporting the homeless. A four-set for toddlers runs $19-$25 on

– Lisa Savalli Johnson, Traverse City mom of one

Safie Sweet Pickled Beets

One day, while navigating the warehouse abyss of Costco, an endcap of bright fuchsia jars giddily grabbed my eye. Naturally, I snatched up a 35-ouncer of sweet pickled beets – and haven’t looked back. Salads, smorgasbord stews: We seriously put these things in anything. They’re a sublime mix of vinegar-sweet and only $4.99. Best of all, they’re hand-packed right here in Chesterfield Township. Available at various local grocers; sizes/costs may vary.

– Kim Kovelle, Metro Parent managing editor

Mealime Meal Planning App

In January of 2019, I resolved to cook more often. Afterwhich, I discovered Mealime – a recipe app and so much more. Users set their eating preferences first by filtering out meal types, specific ingredients, calories limits and/or price limits. From your tailored choices, you pick your menu for the week. Mealime then automatically creates a shopping list you can further customize with the option of sending it to your grocery delivery service. Load in your own recipes and sync to your fitness app as well! The app is free or $5 per month for “pro” recipes and filters. It’s a New Year resolver’s dream.

– Kelly Buren, Metro Parent creative director


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