My Obsession: Things We Love This Month

We know that metro Detroit parents are busy bees and we also know that you wouldn’t be able to do all that you do without some help. Here, read about some of the stuff local parents live by, and if you have an obsession of your own, tell us about it. If we love your obsession as much as you do, you could win yourself $25 and a spot in an issue of Metro Parent!

Biodegradable Table Topper Disposable Stick-on Placemat

Since my daughter, now 21 months, has been old enough to sit in a high chair, we’ve been using these mats at restaurants. Not only are they easy to use and strong enough to stay stuck to the table, they also provide a clean eating surface and visual entertainment to keep her busy while we enjoy a meal. Would recommend these to any parent of a toddler. We’ve used the Mickey Mouse and Elmo ones so far … they’re a hit. I won’t go out to eat without them! $12.09 at Amazon

Tracey Rosinski, reader, mom of two, Commerce Township

Farberware 17-Piece Single-Serve Blender

When my kids haven’t gotten enough produce during the day, I use my bullet blender to make up for it. I pour a half-cup of sweet carrot juice over whatever fruit I have on hand – a chunk of banana, a few stray grapes, leftover apple slices – and add a half-cup of frozen mango, berries or cherries. It takes 30 seconds to blend all of this into a thick smoothie that tastes like it came from DQ. $18.77 at Walmart.

Rebecca Kavanagh

Nivea Mint & Minerals Refreshing Lip Care

Frigid winds make lips raw and sore – but shea butter and jojoba oil lock in moisture and make this balm pleasingly slick. Peppermint gives a welcome boost on a dark winter afternoon, too. I stash these in every room and treat myself to a double dose at bedtime. Bonus: The large cap stays sealed in kids’ pockets. $2.39 at Target and Ulta.

Claire Charlton

‘Would You Rather?’ Printable

These cards, downloaded from the blog, have Disney-themed questions like “Would you rather be Ariel’s sidekick Scuttle or Rapunzel’s sidekick Pascal?” or “Would you rather swim in the sea with Ariel or fly on a magic carpet with Jasmine?” I printed them out, cut them up and put a ring through them. My kids love these and when things start to get dicey in the car, I whip them out and we play a few rounds. Free.

Rebecca Thomas

Precious Little Sleep

Not all baby sleep advice is created equal. Some of it is downright bad. But Alexis Dubief, the baby sleep mastermind behind the Precious Little Sleep blog, dispenses well-researched and scientifically proven plans to send your little peanut to the Land of Nod. The whip-smart, super sass and unequivocally witty mom of two turns out tough but practical guidance and will have you laughing along the way.

Alysa Offman

Is there something that your are nuts about? Tell us all about it. If we select your obsession, you could win $25 and a spot in an issue of Metro Parent!


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