Punk Gear, Toys and Fun Stuff for Kids

They’re loud, reckless and rebellious. No, we’re not talking about your kids; we’re talking about punk rockers! On Oct. 25, celebrate the punk movement with “Punk for a Day” Day. Even if you’d rather your kids not permanently adopt a deviant lifestyle of mohawks, mosh pits and stage diving, use it as an excuse to encourage some light-hearted rebellion and blast some rock songs. If you want to participate in style, check out this gear, from clothes and accessories to guitars and music.


Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars

The only shoe a punk rocker will ever need. The Chuck Taylor All-Star is an icon of the punk movement – and now comes in youth and toddler sizes! Choose from a variety of colors from classic black and white to an awesome hot pink. Buy a pair for $32 on Zappos.


Mini Strat Kids Guitar

The first step to becoming a punk rocker is learning power chords – and then figuring out how to strum them as fast as you can. This Squier children’s scale Stratocaster is the perfect entry-level guitar for your little Johnny Ramone. Smaller frets means chords are easier to hold – perfect for a young punker. The guitar comes in firecracker red or slick black. Buy one on Musician’s Friend for $99.99.


The Boogers CD

Are you and your kids tired of the same old acoustic sing-along CDs? Next time you’re on a drive, put in the debut album from the Boogers, the age-appropriate punk group who have been called “the Wiggles’ worst nightmare.” Rock out to energetic songs like “Row Yer Boat,” “Peanut Butter and Jelly” and “I Don’t Need to Be Worried.” Buy the CD on cdbaby.com for $12.97.


‘Black Flag’ LEGO T-Shirt

If your kid is young enough to fit in this shirt, he probably doesn’t listen to Black Flag. He probably likes LEGOs, though! This creative T-shirt design combines the iconic logo of hardcore punk band Black Flag with everyone’s favorite building blocks.


‘Aaoogah’ Skateboard

From the California punk scene evolved a subgenre of music and fashion called “skate punk.” Really, it was just a bunch of punk rockers that also liked to skateboard. But the skateboard is also a classic symbol of teen rebellion – and a cool way to get to school! Grab this Tony Hawk 180 skateboard at Toys R Us for $39.99.


Kids Studded Belt

Keep your pants up with style. Another staple of the punk wardrobe, this studded belt will give you major street cred. The belt comes in all different checkerboard colors. Buy one at beltiscool.com for $7.68.


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