ROXObands Bracelets for Girls

From being a method for warding off evil spirits to becoming a killer fashion statement, charm bracelets have come a long way. Back in ancient times, people carried stones or pieces of wood to keep bad luck at bay. Over the years, charm bracelets morphed into a bold fashion statement, later becoming an heirloom piece for mothers to pass down to their daughters and granddaughters.

Now, thanks to Juicy Couture and Pandora, charm bracelets are still one of the hottest trends. But, they can be costly – especially if you want to purchase one for your child. So, thanks to Michigan-based company, Roxo, you can start your child off with a less expensive but super cute alternative to the charm bracelet – ROXO Bands.

Instead of paying $50 per charm for Juicy or Pandora, pay less than $10 per customizable metal piece with ROXO Bands.

To get started, pick your silicone band for $1. Choose from 15 shades – including pink, red, purple, black, white and green. Pick your metal piece – known as Rocx – by searching through the designs on the website, which local artists helped create. Images include sports team logos, flowers, smiley faces and much more.

In addition to picking one of these standard designs, you can upload any jpeg photo to the website – if you create an account – to create a unique charm all your own. A photo of a best friend, a beloved cat or some other special image can be turned into a specialized metal charm.

Rocx range in price from $6.95 to $9.95. Standard Rocx – with designs from local artists – are $6.95. Licensed Rocx for nonprofit organizations like Rachel's Challenge or fan favorites like those embellished with Cody Simpson photos are $8.95. If you choose to customize your bracelet with personal photos, you'll pay $9.95 per Rocx.

With just a few clicks, your child can create her first charm bracelet. It may not ward off evil spirits, but it could be a killer fashion statement that shows off her one-of-a-kind design. Purchase ROXO bands online at


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