Slider Hamburger Restaurants in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Metro Detroit and the greater Ann Arbor area dish up delicious sliders perfect for the kids at these local slider hamburger restaurants.

Think you know what you crave? Think again. White Castle may be the granddaddy of the greasy little burger (dating back to 1921), but these indie spoons, dotting the region from Macomb and Wayne counties to Oakland and Washtenaw, dish the mega-chain stiff competition — and way more atmosphere.

Swing by one of these slider burger restaurants specializing in this scrumptious (and affordable) fare. They’re arguably some of the best hamburgers in Detroit’s metro area.

Tell us what you think. Who serves up the best slider hamburgers in southeast Michigan? Have a family favorite spot that’s not on the list? Comment and let us know.


Enjoy beef, chicken or pork sliders at this local spot. All sliders come with chips, but you can add fries, coleslaw or soup for two dollars more.

Bates’ Burgers

Savor decadence on a steamed bun. The L-town spot, still in its white-tile 1959 building, is a blast from the past.

Comet Burger

Delectable sliders and amazing milkshakes in a fun ’50s atmosphere (think genuine vintage, not Happy Days cheesy).

Grand Trunk Pub

Stop in for an evening bite before (or after) a sports game for tasty spins on old fan favorites.

Greene’s Hamburgers

Open since 1957, this old-school spot is famous for its sliders, fries, onion rings and more.

Green Dot Stables

Ever tried a PB&J slider? How about fried chicken? Grilled cheese? While they’ve got classic beef and cheese sliders, this Detroit locale mixes it up with its creative menu. For the vegetarian crew, try the Tofu Banh Mi slider with spicy mayo, pickled veggies and cilantro. (Note: No high chairs here, but bring along your own booster seat for tots!)

Hunter House Hamburgers

The sweet onions are smashed into these babies when they’re still cookin’ at this B-ham icon since 1952. Slider toppings you can add are bacon, chili, jalapenos, two onion rings or an extra patty.

Joe’s Hamburgers

Open for business since 2009, this spot, named for the owner’s grandpa, gets props for its slides of course, but also fresh-cut fries, homemade soups and hot dogs, too. They offer unique sliders like a Nutella slider, sticky slider, cowboy slider and more.

Johnny Blacks

Try one of their unique slider choices — roasted pork, blackened salmon, filet sliders, more.

Little Brothers Burgers

It gets props for late-night service, but this tiny, checkered landmark serves up sliders during family hours, too. Try them with a Red Bull shake or Boston cooler.

Motz’s Burgers

With roots going back to 1929, this D staple serves up treats that frequently make “best slider” lists — here and nationally.

Roadies Sliders 

This spot has tons of slider choices — fried popcorn shrimp, meatloaf, crab cake, parm peppercorn grilled chicken, more. There is even a cookie slider (fudge brownie between two fresh baked chocolate chip cookies) for dessert.


This boat town pub has a full menu. Try their buffalo chicken sliders, filet sliders and more. Comes with French fries or tater tots.

Savvy Sliders 

  • Address: Various locations

A number of sliders to choose from — Angus beef, spicy grilled chicken, Mediterranean Kabob, spicy falafel, steakhouse rib eye and more. Savvy kids meals, too.

Seeburgers Cheeseburgers

Proprietor “The Todd” is known for his gourmet creations. Go with a classic ground beef slider or mix it up with ground turkey or fish. Little ones can get kids-sized meals, too.

Sidecar Slider Bar

Offers a bunch of unique sliders such as ahi tuna, pb jammin and fried perch, all on a pretzel bun.

The Happy Patty Food Truck 

  • Address: Various locations

The Happy Patty Food Truck and stays on the move and brings gourmet sliders to hotspots around metro Detroit. They offer a ton of different sliders including the Mac Attack Sliders with mac and cheese and southern style BBQ sauce on them and Sweet Carolina sliders that have jalapeno and Carolina BBQ sauce on them. Chase it down with a shake made with Treat Dreams ice cream. Pit stops and hours change on the daily; consult the website or social media feeds for the latest.

The Rec Bowl

This local favorite is known for its sliders. Diners can stick with the “Rec slider” or have a chicken, tuna or turkey slider. They’re served with chips, but you can add waffle fries or onion rings for two dollars more.

The Telway

This small corner spot will take you and the kids way back with its classic diner look. Be sure to bring bills because it’s cash only.

The World’s End Craft Burger Bar

This place is known for its burgers. Their sliders come with pickles and grilled onions. All burgers come with fries, but you can upgrade to onion rings or tots.

Travis Coffee Shop

Watch a chef flip ’em on the grill just behind the “bar.” Grab your eastside greasy goodness at this joint.

This post was originally published in 2012 and is updated regularly.

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