Snap Caps Bottle Cap Necklaces and Bracelets

You know that product you see where you think, "Gosh, why didn’t I think of that?" It’s something that doesn’t seem that revolutionary, but there’s a simple genius about it, which means that it will be hot, hot, hot.

Such is the case with Snap Caps. This clever creation taps into a bunch of bingos for school-age and teen girls – collectability, wearability and all-around coolness.

Snap Caps are basically bottle caps that have been pimped out in all sorts of varieties – from camo initials to kittens to horoscope signs. The bottom of each bottle cap is a powerful magnet that attaches to Snap Cap bracelets, necklaces, key chains, frames and more. There’s even a new Snap Cap sash called Huggers that wraps around UGGs, so your daughter can add some bling to her boots.

I was recently at a toy store in which a pack of girls were hovering around the Snap Cap display as they deliberated over the styles. You can see the appeal. This time in a girl’s life is all about self-discovering and personal expression. And Snap Caps give them an outlet for that. Dance diva? Consider the ballet slippers cap or maybe the "Peace, Love and Dance" cap. Quirky girl who dances to her own beat? How about something from the monsters line of caps, or maybe a camouflage peace sign. Whatever her interests, she’ll find a Snap Cap that can shout it out. Plus, she can change her Snap Cap to reflect her mood or clothing.

It’s no wonder Snap Caps are so suited for young girls. They were created by a tween. Her name is Maddie Bradshaw, and the 13-year-old came up with the idea when she was trying to think of something to decorate her locker. Her start-up costs were just $300, but now she’s got a big business, selling around 50,000 necklaces a month! With such a boon to business, she brought on her little sister to offer some creative help.

If you want to help these little entrepreneurs further flourish and delight your little girl, consider picking up some Snap Caps. They’re sold at Adventures in Toys in Birmingham, The Doll Hospital and Toy Soldier Shop in Berkley and Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor, and range in price from $14-$15 for the necklaces. The magnetic caps are separate and cost around $7.

Want to win a Snap Cap starter kit for your child? Check out our Snap Caps contest!


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