Spoil the Family Dog, Cat or Other Critter on Love Your Pet Day

Who patiently (or not-so-patiently) waits by the door for you? Or in the window? Or by the door of the cage? Sure, your spouse and kids love you unconditionally. But, when it comes to an instant shower of affection, a safer bet might be your pet! Those cuddly cuties are a steady source of companionship and smiles. Let’s give a little back on Feb. 20, Love Your Pet Day, with some neat, new things designed especially for them.


Glowdoggie Collar

The Glowdoggie collar helps you keep track of your precious pooch at night. Whether you’re out jogging, camping or letting him out before bedtime, you’ll be able to spot your puppy anywhere. The LED lights are guaranteed to last at least two years, and it’s 100% waterproof. Available at Glowdoggie.com for about $50.


The Cat Crib

Tired of cleaning cat fur off of your feline’s favorite couch cushion? We have the solution. Cat Crib! It easily attaches to chairs with square legs, lifting your capricious kitty off of the ground and cradling her in comfort. The best part? It’s machine-washable! Available at Catcrib.com for around $29.


K&H Round Comfy Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed

Worried about your furry friend keeping warm after that trip to the groomer? No worries, if you have the K&H Round Comfy Sleeper Self-Warming Pet Bed. A perfect choice for cats or dogs, it’s designed with high walls and soft poly-fill cushioning. Perfect for sweet dreams. Find it at Petco. Price varies depending on size.


Bowsers Cat Tower

Looking for a cat tower that adds fun and dimension to your living room? Look no further! Bowsers Cat Tower boasts five colorful wooden cubes with circular cutouts that are covered in heavyweight ribbed cotton. Stack them in different patterns daily and your curious kitty will never get tired of exploring them. Runs about $290 at 1-800-PetMeds.com.


Teddy Tank Frog Premium Package

Froggy went a courtin’, but got hungry and stopped along the way for a snack. At least that’s what it looks like in this fun take on a fish tank. Not only does it function as home for your bug-eyed beauties; this one-gallon tank also contains a voice-recorder (fish get lonely, too) and nightlight. Hook me up! Find it at Just Kids Store for around $37.


Refilling Toilet Water Bowl

How many of us have tried to break our precocious pets from the bad habit of drinking out of the toilet bowl? This refilling toilet water bowl will lure them away from the real thing – and start some fun conversations when guests visit. The durable ceramic dish is perfect for canines and felines alike. Check it out at Overstock.com for about $29.


Coaster Aquatica Magic Globe – Fountain Well

This award-winning fish tank design will captivate you with its completely enclosed tank, which also functions as a fountain. The complete starter-kit features a hand-painted base, self-contained filtration, pump and lighting systems as well as a DVD manual, for easy set up. Find it at Amazon for around $108.


4-Way Forager

Do you have a bored birdy? Never fear; 4-Way Forager is here! Stimulate your feathered friend with this foraging toy designed to challenge them both physically and mentally. Hide their favorite fruits and nuts in the compartments and watch them try and figure it out. Available at Doctors Foster and Smith for approximately $20.


Doggles K9 Optix Smoke Lens Dog Sunglasses

Glam-up your pup with these adorable sunglasses. The frames are embellished with rhinestone hearts and plastic “bone” stems, and the lenses are shatterproof and have 100-percent UV block. Available in extra-small, small, medium or large at DogSupplies.com for around $10. She’ll be the talk of the doggy park!


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