Stickr Frames

Pictures. Memories. Pieces of the past that we keep forever, displaying them at home to remind us of special moments.

But there’s one problem: Once you hang a photo on the wall – with the help of a hammer and a few nails – you’re pretty much stuck keeping it in one spot. Unless you want to end up with dozens of holes to patch up.

That’s where Butch & Harold’s Stickr Frames come in. Practical, moveable and reusable are three words used to describe this inventive decor, which happens to be made right here in Michigan.

Simply stick the photo to the back of the frame and slap it on any surface. Did you place a frame in your bedroom but decide the following week that it’d look better in the living room? No worries – peel it off the surface, with no residue left behind and no damage done to the wall or paint.

Sold in sets of eight – including one 8" x 10", two 5" x 7", four 4" x 6" and one 4" x 4" – the frames are available in black, pink and brown. It’s a pretty little stash perfect for family portraits and kids’ artwork alike, featuring styles from the marquee-like "Gumdrops" to the fancier "Doiley."

Purchase sets from Butch and Harold’s website for $19.95.

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have to worry about hanging picture frames on the walls. No more nails or holes in the wall – with Stickr Frames, decorating got a whole lot easier.


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