TableTopics Conversation Cards

We’ve all been there: Sitting at a party with people we barely know, wondering how we’re going to get acquainted with them – let alone get through the evening. Or maybe you’re sitting around the dinner table trying to get the kids to "open up" about their day. Sound uncomfortably familiar?

Well, if you’re a family that’s sick of small talk, we’ve got the thing for you: TableTopics.

These cubed-shaped table toppers were born from a single idea – getting people to open up.

It was back in December 2002 that Cristy Clarke was on her way to a Christmas party, trying to think of interesting conversation pieces because she didn’t want to get in the small-talk rut.

She experimented with different questions and was successful at getting people to start talking. So, the next morning, she wrote down questions to test her three daughters at dinner – and, well, the rest is history.

For $25, you receive 135 questions encased in a 4-inch acrylic cube. There are 20 editions to choose from, including the family, teen and slumber party editions.

The teen edition for ages 13 and up, which debuted in 2006, was revised this past spring. Questions on the cards include things like, "If you could only eat one dessert for the rest of your life what would you choose?" and "Would you rather live for a week in the past or the future?"

Some questions will be silly and others, more serious. Either way, they get kids and adults to open up – and really get the conversation going.

So if you’re looking for a perfect party item this holiday season, serve dinner with a side of TableTopics.


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