The Taco Food Truck Revolution Arrives in Detroit

A trend that’s swept the country has arrived in Detroit – food trucks! Far from the drab catering trucks of yore, these mobile restaurants feature fresh, delicious food with a chef’s touch. Expect authentic tacos, fresh sandwiches – even ice pops with a kick.

Kerry Hubbard, owner of Taco Mama food truck, thinks these trucks are sure bets for families. Instead of trying to control a wiggly toddler at a restaurant, you’re outdoors – often in a place that’s cool to explore on its own, like one of our walkable downtowns.

“The idea is just fun,” she says. “It’s not just going to a restaurant. It’s an experience.”

The lure of food trucks

Hubbard and her fellow members of the Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association frequently participate in food truck rallies where several trucks group in one place, offering varying tastes. It’s also influenced her fare: So many trucks hawk tacos that she’s tweaked her menu to include other taco-shell stuffers like jerk chicken or portobello mushrooms.

As a mom, Hubbard says food trucking, with its flexible hours and locations, beats catering or restaurant work. She can do a lunch event and be out in time to pick up her kids from school, or she can just not sign on for any events during a vacation week.

“What I am teaching them as a role model is invaluable,” she says. “They love it. They think mom has a cool job – but of course, they don’t see all the work that goes into it!”

Learn more about food trucks

One hang-up for a lot of people is the old “roach coach” stereotype. No way, Hubbard says: Food trucks are inspected by the health department every six months and inspectors can board them at any time, so safe food handling is assured.

She’s also the one making sure everything is clean, so it’s her reputation on the line – and you can see right into the food prep area and know exactly how stuff is handled.

To track down a truck near you, follow the Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association for locations of rallies –  or the Michigan Mobile Food Vendors Association on Facebook and Michigan Food Trucks on Twitter.

Amy Kuras
Amy Kuras


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