Things You Should Never Buy at a Mom-to-Mom Sale

Mom to mom sales are great for selling gently used children's clothing and toys – but not for these items.

New parents are sure to hear from friends and family all about the deals to be had at local mom-to-mom sales. Moms and dads can save hundreds of dollars by buying used clothes, toys and other items at these popular events.

But before you head out to your first mom-to-mom sale, here are a few things you probably shouldn’t pick up at one of these sales.

Also, if you plan to sell at a local mom-to-mom sale, consider these pricing tips.

1. Car seats

Car seats usually shouldn’t be used after they have been in an accident, and the damage isn’t always visible. With a used car seat, you likely won’t know whether it has been in an accident and you might not want to take the seller’s word for it. Car seats also have expiration dates – if you do buy a used car seat, make sure it isn’t expired or recalled and follow these additional guidelines.

2. Bicycle helmets

Just like car seats, bicycle helmets also shouldn’t be used after they’ve taken a hard impact. It’s also important for a child’s bicycle helmet to be fitted properly, and you don’t want to bring lice into your home in a used helmet. Be on the lookout for community events that offer free children’s helmets and keep in mind that stores like Wal-Mart sell helmets for as low as $15. With that said, a used helmet is better than no helmet at all.

3. Hats

Like helmets, children’s hats may carry lice or lice eggs so they are best purchased new. It could save you hundreds of dollars in lice treatment and cleanup costs for your home. Hats are important for sun protection, though, so if you do purchase used consider washing hats in hot water (130 degrees Fahrenheit) and use the high-heat drying cycle.

4. Cribs and mattresses

Safety regulations for cribs change frequently and cribs are sometimes recalled, so don’t buy this item used unless you check the model number and date with the manufacturer, ensure you have all the pieces and make sure you can access the assembly instructions. Also consider a new mattress as used mattresses can harbor bacteria and fungus.

5. Bottles

Unless you know whether the bottles you’re looking at contain BPA, an industrial chemical previously used in most baby bottles, you might want to purchase these new or look for used glass bottles.

Do you agree with our list? Have anything you would add to it? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly. 


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