Top Summer Toys for Kids

Looking for something new and exciting for your child to play with this season? The store manager of Learning Express Toys in Ann Arbor weighs in on the top summer toys for kids from infant to age 12.

School is out for summer but we all know it’s only a matter of time before kids start saying they’re bored. Perhaps you can keep them entertained a bit longer with one (or two!) new toys.

Metro Parent asked Mark Brakefield, the manager at Learning Express Toys in Ann Arbor, for some toy recommendations for infants all the way to age 12. Take a peek at his picks for the top summer toys for kids. They’ll help make your child’s summer vacation a blast!

Infant-age 4

Pop-Up Frog Travel Pool

Made by Early Years, this pop-up canvas travel pool sells for $29.95. It comes with an adorable shade that resembles an frog to keep your baby cool.

Sand ‘n Splash Activity Table

Kidoozie makes this activity table that sells for $24.95. It’s easy to assemble with one side for sand and one side for water. It also comes with a cover and some cool sand tools, too.

Wild Wiggle Sprinkler

This green little water bug with silicone rubbery tubes comes from the folks at Kidoozie. Simply put in a hose and the tubes will whip around and sprinkle water. It’s $15.95 on Amazon.

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

While the description says this is for kids ages 5 and up, Brakefield says it’s popular with kids as young as age 3. It’s $29.99 and comes with three stunt planes that have a different action.

Ages 5-10

OgoSport Disk H20 Water Balloon Bouncer

This is the first disc set designed for bouncing water balloons. Snag it for $16.49 and you’ll receive two discs plus 50 water balloons for hours of play.

Sling Stix

Brakefield says his store keeps selling out of this outdoor pool toy – that kids can even play with indoors. It sells for $19.99 and comes with two stix. The stix have a suction cup with a button on the handle for you to catch the ball. Then you press the button to let go.

The Watermelon Ball

It’s a pool toy was designed to look, feel and act like a watermelon in the water. How does a watermelon act in H20, you ask? Well, it sinks then slowly rises back to the top, and that’s what this ball will do in the water. It’s ideal for bouncing, passing, dribbling and more in the pool. Purchase it for $24.99.

Ages 11-12


This easy-to-transport game is ideal for the beach, camping, the park and more. It comes with two collapsible bucket targets, eight hack sacks, and a backpack to carry it all in. It sells for $59.99.

Slackers Ninja Line

This toy, from Backyard Adventures, takes monkey bars to the next level with a slackline that features seven different obstacles including two textured gymnastic rings, two nylon ropes and two monkey bars. Purchase it for $99.99.


If a swing and a surfboard had a baby, the Swurfer would be it. This tree swing and surfboard hybrid allows you to surf through the air – or use it as a normal swing. It sells at $129.99.

This post was originally published in 2015 and is updated regularly.


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