The Most Unique Hot Chocolate Spots in Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor

Looking for the most unique hot chocolate spots in southeast Michigan? We have you covered with nine local cafes that offer the best of their craft.

On a winter day in Michigan, those at-home Swiss Miss packets just won’t do when you’re jonesing for a cup of hot chocolate to awaken your senses. Whether the warm drink is boozy, simple or over-the-top, we’ve found the best places for hot chocolate that you can only get in Southeast Michigan.

Avalon Cafe and Bakery

The amazing hot chocolate varies by location. At the flagship store on West Willis, hot chocolate is made with Guernsey chocolate milk. At the Woodward Avenue store, the hot chocolate starts with a steamed milk base and adds a house-made chocolate syrup to create a taste sensation. Calder Dairy makes the milk that adds richness to the hot chocolate from the Ann Arbor location. 

Caffé Far Bella

In addition to real milk, Cafe Far Bella uses Ghirardelli chocolate to make decadent hot chocolate. With the options of flavorings, your taste buds will thank you! 

Chocolate Bar Café

Known for its ice cream, Chocolate Bar Café doesn’t back down in the winter. Brewed delights include seven options for hot chocolate, with candy cane, hazelnut, Mexican and white chocolate among them. If you’re still craving a scoop of Alinosi Ice Cream, you can add it to your drink for $1. 

Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream

You don’t have to be in love with coffee to love the menu at Farmhouse. When it comes to hot chocolate, the flavorings are the key. With five to choose from — regular, dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut and s’mores — there’s no wrong choice. 

Guernsey Farms Dairy

You’ll know Guernsey’s for its fresh, delicious milk. Now warm that milk for a hot chocolate refreshment and you know why it’s a staple on the menu (that also includes a warm chocolate chip cookie in the dessert listings). 

Le Bon Macaron 

Drinking chocolate — or chocolate chaud — is only available in the fall and winter. For a traditional hot chocolate taste the bubble tea shop adds sweetened steamed milk. (Pay the extra 50 cents for the homemade marshmallows.)


The hot chocolate comes in two great sizes — perfect for littles — or can be ordered cold brewed. Most cold brew options can also be taken to-go in a half gallon to enjoy all weekend. 

The Songbird Cafe

Best known for serving seasonal delights, both locations of The Songbird Cafe offer up hot chocolate two ways: tangerine lavender and traditional. Watch the cafe’s website for weekly updates and changes as the seasons change. 

Zou Zou’s Cafe and Coffee Bar

This is double chocolate hot chocolate at its best. Not only does Zou Zou’s use real milk to add to the richness of the drink, the culinary experts in coffee have opted for steamed chocolate milk as the base and top that with chocolate sauce for the ultimate chocolate experience.


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