Voice Rockrz Kids Microphone

I was a Chipmunk rock star. Yep: Yours truly – way too shy to actually do karaoke in public, mind you – busted out some seriously squeaky Gym Class Heroes vocals. Helium-style, a la Alvin, Simon and Theodore.

Never mind I had an audience of one (a very patient one!). But we were both LOL'ing over my super-silly performance – all thanks to one of the cool, high-pitched effects included with Voice Rockrz.

This voice-enhancing (and altering) microphone transforms your aspiring music superstar into a diva dynamo – or a "Devo" dynamo, if he opts for the robotic sound effect. Kids don't even need a hype man: The echo effect lets them pump up the crowd (no matter how big or small!) with impact.

It's a rock-star breeze, too, thanks to the sensor-activated ring and bracelet (both included). No need to stop in the middle of the performance to change your effect: Simply tap the ring or bracelet to the target zone, located on back of the microphone, and you'll score the sound you want.

Plus, the FX button, which creates an audience cheer and drum roll, gives your kids a built-in audience when they're singing solo.

But what's even cooler is that your kid can hook up her iPod or MP3 player to the mic's input jack, so she can sing along to all her favorite playlists.

With all these effects, you've got a one-kid show sure to please the crowds – whether it's at a birthday party or after a hard day's night of homework.

Purchase Voice Rockrz in pink or blue at Kmart, Walmart, Target, Meijer and Toys "R" Us for $24.99.


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