Wild Child Kid's Boutique, Wyandotte

If you typically shop for your kids at some generic big box store where you pick up paper towels and pop, then have you got a world to discover – a wild one!

Wild Child Kid's Boutique, a family-owned kid's clothing store in Grosse Ile, has been focusing on the funky since they opened three and a half years ago, according to co-owner Rochell Bridge. The shop she opened in 2007 with her daughter, Sandi Shores, carries brands like Giggle Moon, Plum Pudding and Young Colors, clothiers you won't find at your local Target or Wal-Mart. They are the kind of duds that stand out for their quality and style.

Wild Child Boutique

The ladies travel to Chicago and Las Vegas to personally pick out that season's inventory to keep the selection so fresh.

"We try to stay real traditional; that's what grandmas want," says Bridge, "with a little bit of funky stuff, because that's what young moms want!"

A grandmother herself, Bridge carries time-honored classics like hospital homecoming outfits, first birthday ensembles and baptismal gowns, most complete with ruffles, lace and a matching bonnet. But hot pink and yellow tutus, tie-dye tops and psychedelic prints give this store its edge, too.

Along with their eclectic mix of whimsical and wild, Bridge and Shores have an ample supply of accessories, shoes, toys and more in their brightly lit corner store.

The mother-daughter duo also puts together one-of-a-kind shower baskets for your favorite mom-to-be and offers free gift-wrapping. They sell all their products online, but their brick and mortar store is the perfect place to peruse.


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