Nature's Playhouse Play Space and Wellness Center, Ferndale

What better place than fabulous Ferndale for an “all-natural play and wellness center” for families and expecting parents? That’s just what you’ll find at Nature’s Playhouse.

Nature’s Playhouse

A pair of creative mothers hatched this destination, designed for moms and dads of babies and young children. The two co-owners include Lisa Ball, an entrepreneur from Clawson who also heads up her own publishing house, and Michelle McEvoy, a University of Michigan grad, certified K-8 teacher and mom to Zander and Zoe.

Central to their vision: Handmade, all-natural, open-ended toys. Designed to “stimulate imagination and creativity,” their website notes, these items are made only from natural, nontoxic wood or cloth products.

And, in this setting, Nature’s Playhouse offers a wide variety of classes. Options for little ones include WeeHands Baby Sign Language, Budding Artists and open play times centered on story paper crafts and music. Want to explore yoga or pilates with your child? You can try that here, too.

Pregnant moms-to-be may choose to explore a natural childbirth option called HypnoBirthing, centered on relaxing, breathing and visualization techniques. Other workshops, events and even support groups also gather here, including general topics like breastfeeding, baby weaning and postpartum healing.

Drop-in playtimes run about $8/one adult and one child, $2/each additional child. Have an infant under 3 months? They’re welcome to visit free, as often as they like. Nature’s Playhouse offers monthly memberships, too, if you’re a frequent visitor. Classes and workshops range from free to $40 per class, with some offering a series of classes.


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