Rainy Day Activities for Families

Don't let the rain ruin your family fun. Try some of these rainy day activities for kids.

Rainy days tend to sneak up on us, don’t they? In Metro Detroit, it can be sunny and beautiful one day and on the next, it’s all gloomy weather. What we know is that a rainy day can put a damper on our plans for the day, too.

But don’t worry, if you’re stuck on what to do when rain hits your area, we’ve got indoor attractions and kid-friendly places to help save the day. Check out these rainy day solutions that guarantee lots of family fun.

Put together a puzzle

Order a new puzzle or grab an old favorite from the back of your closet and test your family’s problem-solving skills by building a puzzle together. Looking for a more challenging option? Try building a 3-D model house puzzle with your kiddos. It’s only $20 on Amazon.

Jump around at an indoor play place

Tired of the kids jumping on the bed? Our mega list includes the best indoor play places for kids and we promise that they’ll sleep soundly on the way home.

Watch a movie

Splurge on some popcorn and see one of the latest family movies out in theaters. Don’t feel like leaving the house? We’ve got you covered with the newest movies and shows streaming for kids this month.

Eat at a new restaurant

If you’re a family of foodies, consider going out to eat. Here are a list of themed restaurants that will make your dining experience even more fun.

Go to a museum

Metro Detroit museums are made for rainy days. These are some great local museums families should visit at least once.

Visit your local library

A trip to the library is never a bad idea, especially on a rainy day. Also, did you know you can collect these one-of-a-kind items from your local library?

Climb your heart out

Your daredevils will love nothing more than to hit these indoor rock climbing gyms. Parents, you can join in on the fun, too!

Just keep swimming

Even if it’s pouring, that doesn’t stop us to enjoy some water fun at these indoor swimming pools. Be sure to check before visiting to make sure the pools are open for all swimmers!

Hang out at a coffee shop

On a rainy day, even parents deserve a cup of coffee. Your kids will even fun at these local coffee shops.

See some nature

These nature centers will give your kiddos plenty of space to explore indoors. But if the rain’s not too bad, they can also have fun jumping into puddles.

Go shopping

Support some small businesses by visiting your favorite independent toy store. Your kids won’t get bored shopping either.

Treat yourself to a dessert

It’s rainy, it’s pouring. That shouldn’t stop you to go out and get something sweet! Here are favorite over-the-top desserts in Metro Detroit.

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