6 Ways to Upgrade a Sleepover for Kids

Event planner and mom Ryan Abney, of Ryan Abney Event Design, shares her tips sleepover tips. 

A successful sleepover has three main elements: decorations, food and activities.

As we all know, not very much sleeping happens at a sleepover, so here are some ways to make the non-sleep a success. The kids may need to catch some extra Z’s the next day, but the memories they’ll create with their friends will be so worth it!

Sweet Mitten Dreams

A great addition to any sleepover, the company provides the cutest tents and tent accessories for a safe and stress-free sleepover experience. The variety of themes is refreshing and inclusive.

Upgrade Your Sleepover Snacks

Think DIY pizza, hot chocolate bar, fancy smoothies, treats from a local candy shop and of course, the staple: s’mores. The indoor s’mores kit is something we have used and it is a winner. Also, don’t forget about breakfast the next morning before sending everyone home.

Have a game night

Get rid of any lull in the sleepover by having a variety of fun, age-appropriate games on hand. Some suggestions are Celebrity (charades with a twist), a neighborhood scavenger hunt, traditional board games and Name That Tune with a specific sleepover playlist.

Host a movie marathon

To update this sleepover staple, I suggest playing Netflix Awards with Bingo. This is such a fun one, as the Bingo cards can be specifically designed to reflect the list of movies being watched. For more movie and activity suggestions, check out our Watch This, Do That movie series, which includes fun activities to accompany each film.

Make it a “yes” sleepover

Kids are often used to hearing their parents say “no,” so why not have one night where parents must say “yes” to whatever the kids can dream up? Create a framework of rules for safety and set a budget, then let the children’s imaginations run wild. Do they want to sleep in a bounce castle? Sure. Eat ice cream in bed? Yep. Wear crazy outfits and have a dance party? You betcha. Get ready to say “yes” and have a blast.

Glow Big or Go Home

Not literally, of course! But if you’re not a super crafty or creative parent, hosting a glow in the dark sleepover can be an easy way to make a big impact on a small budget. Decorate with a variety of colored glow sticks and arrange a few small black lights around the room. Glow activities can include coloring neon or black light posters and hosting a glow-in-the dark scavenger hunt.

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