Little Passports

Get the world delivered to your family's door with this fun and educational mail subscription.

Remember when you used to receive that stuff called mail? It got delivered to that metal or wooden thing outside of your house, better known as a mailbox. It wasn’t electronic, sent via email to your Blackberry.

It seems like more and more people are retrieving their mail electronically – and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it leaves me wondering if kids will eventually never enjoy the luxury of receiving letters or packages in the mail.

Now there’s at least one way your child can still receive some of that “old school” mail: Little Passports, the mail subscription that lets your kid travel the world without ever leaving home.

Young or old, we all have places we dream of visiting. With this gift – which has four packages: jetsetter, globetrotter, adventurer and traveler – your kid will travel to other countries like Brazil and Japan without ever taking a step off the front porch.

Each month, your child will receive a package introducing them to a new country. Souvenirs, activity sheets and more accompany a letter from characters and travelers Sam and Sofia.

Let’s peek at the packages.

The Jetsetter is a monthly “trip” costing $11.95 per month and can be canceled at any time. It comes to with a suitcase, passport and map. Kids learn about 11 destinations, including South Africa and Argentina.

The Globetrotter is a 12-month subscription for $10.95 per month – or a $131.40 one-time fee – and contains all the same features as the Jetsetter, but it can’t be canceled (you’ll automatically be billed).

The Adventurer is a six-month subscription for $12.95 per month, or a $77.70 one-time fee. This version comes with a suitcase, passport and map, taking your child to five countries, including Brazil and Egypt.

Finally, the Traveler is three-month subscription for $13.95 monthly or a one-time fee of $41.85. It features the suitcase, passport and map, and it takes your kid to Brazil and Japan.

No matter which package you choose, this is a great way for your child to learn about geography, culture, history and language in a less traditional or textbook way.

Plus, it gives ’em something to look forward to receiving in the mail each month!


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